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Within this Wiki, you can find all of the rules and setting material to role-play within the Star Trek universe in the very early 2300s. (After Star Trek VI – the Undiscovered Country and before Star Trek: the Next Generation – Encounter at Farpoint). The Game Mechanics presented are very much a homebrew variant designed by the GM from 30 years of playing and refereeing.

From this main Wiki page, you can find a linked table of Content that will take you to any of the articles I’ll be using as the game material for this campaign. Characters, Maps and Adventure Logs can also be used to navigate and uncover details about those particular categories.

Flux Die Mechanic

Characteristic Modifiers for Federation Species

Star Fleet Academy Events


Star Fleet Assignments

Star Fleet Branch Skills

Star Fleet Skills List A
Star Fleet Skills List B, C, D
Star Fleet Skills List E, F, G
Star Fleet Skills List H, I, J, K, L
Star Fleet Skills List M, N, O
Star Fleet skills list P,Q,R
Star Fleet Skills List S
Star Fleet Skills List T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

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